Reclaimed wood: Not just for a log cabin

There is a major trend that we have been seeing for the past couple years in using reclaimed wood for furniture as well as interiors. But we are noticing that now it is not only being used in rustic homes, but is showing up in high-end homes as well. I have seen it everywhere from wall coverings to lighting fixtures. It really is a great and easy way to put your home on-trend without a huge investment. Reclaimed wood is on it’s way to becoming the new granite countertop/stainless steel upgrade: Reclaimed Wood is the new black!

Look how beautiful and simple this light fixture is and it’s perfect over a kitchen island or dining room table:

reclaimed timber chandelierIMG_7090_1

Another way to incorporate the trend is on a wall in place of wallpaper. The company Stikwood has made it super easy with self-adhesive reclaimed wood tiles in a number of reclaimed finishes. Take a look:


Their website shows so many examples of what can be done with their products as well as offering an online store. This is one of my favorite finishes:

Finally, if you aren’t looking to upgrade the interior of your home, but you still love the trend you can incorporate it into your furnishings. I have added a reclaimed factory cart to my living room as a coffee table and I am in love with it. Check it out:

Mill Cart After

However you incorporate the trend have fun with it!–jenni

side note: has a great article with some beautiful images of how this trend has been implemented in exteriors and interiors here:

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